Different Types of Trowels

All gardeners know that without the right equipment, gardening is virtually impossible. If you are a serious gardener who is serious about gardening then you’ll be in need of a number of tools and equipment. Some of those tools include, trowels. So, today we’ll be telling you all about the different types of trowels.

Gardening needs commitments and is definitely serious business. You need to be willing to get your hands dirty, literally. However, having the right tools will make all the hard work worthwhile and all the more enjoyable. Perhaps more importantly, it will enable you to achieve amazing results and lead you to having the garden of your dreams.

A trowel is an essential tool when it comes to gardening and there are many different shapes and sizes for a variety of different tasks. Though it may be a little confusing knowing which one to get, choosing a trowel doesn’t have to be a complicated matter. To help you in your search, learn about the different types of trowels and choose based on your specific gardening needs.


What is a garden trowel?

A garden trowel is a hand tool used by gardeners. The garden trowel consists of two main parts: a blade and a handle. Archaeologists and people who go treasure hunting with metal detectors may also need a trowel.

What are trowels good for?

In gardening, trowels are used when you’re working with containers or borders, sowing seeds or planting vegetables.
Trowels are also typically used for mixing, scooping, skimming, and spreading during the installation of tile.

How to choose a garden trowel?

When choosing your trowel think about the type of work you’ll be doing with it. As a general recommendation, the standard trowel can be used for many gardening tasks. If you plan to invest a lot of time gardening, you may want one with an ergonomic handle and if you need to have a long reach, a long garden trowel handle may suit you best.

What are the types of garden trowels?

The types of garden trowel are dictated by the shape of their blade. There are ten forms of garden trowel blade: traditional, transplanting, dixter, ladle, potting, digging, tulip, weeding, tissot, and planting.

Traditional garden trowel blade

This trowel presents a large blade with curved sides, and is the most common variety. It is employed to dig holes, break up hard soil and to plant flowers.

Transplanting garden trowel blade

Designed with a long thin blade and a pointed tip. Good for moving seedlings, bulbs and small plants from one location to another.

Dixter garden trowel blade

Comes with a long thin blade with a rounded end. Great for planting in rock gardens, digging up the long roots of weeds such as dandelions, and for sowing seeds.

Ladle garden trowel blade

Identified for having a very long tang and a small rounded blade with curved edges. It is used by gardeners to dig round holes and to scoop them out cleanly.

Potting garden trowel blade

This trowel has a wide blade with higher curved sides than other garden trowels for holding soil and compost. It is used for potting plants into plant pots.

Digging garden trowel blade

It has a thin trowel with a pointed end, in the shape of a dagger -which allows it to lever small stones out of the garden.

Tulip garden trowel blade

Gets its name due to its deep-dished blade with three sharpened tips on the end, which create the shape of a tulip. It is used to plant flowers into heavy clay soil.

Weeding garden trowel blade

A weeding garden trowel has a long blade with a forked end; which is helpful to dig to the base of the weed and pull it out by its roots. Suitable for weeding, cutting roots and to clean grass from between stone tiles.

Tissot garden trowel blade

Has a wide flat blade with a large ‘v’ section on the end. The shape of the blade enables it to divide a single plant into two halves. It can also be used for transplanting and digging holes in hard soil. Gardeners specially use it when working with clay.

Planting garden trowel blade

This trowel has a flat-bladed with a pointed end and its smaller than other trowels. It is very useful for planting flowers in hard soils due to its pointed tip.

Buying a trowel

Kent & Stowe Multifunctional shovel made of ash wood and stainless steel

This tool has been developed by experts with the needs of the gardener in mind to provide a solution for any gardening task. This is the only shovel you will ever need. Perfectly matched and balanced for increased control and comfort, it is the perfect companion for gardening. It offers award-winning garden tools for digging, care and cultivation. Ideal for potting, planting, weeding and digging.


  • 15-year warranty
  • High quality polished stainless steel head
  • Ash handle with handle profile for perfect grip comfort
  • Serrated edge facilitates weeding, cutting roots and opening soil bags
  • Pointed end
  • Depth scale and a durable hammer to help drive hooks to posts

DeWit planting trowel

The original DeWit planting trowel, strong and well-balanced for easy single-handed digging, with the blade sharpened on all sides for great soil penetration.

Forged from high-carbon steel and fitted with an ergonomic smooth ash handle. A durable, high-quality trowel for general garden use.


  • Sharpened edges for easy one-handed digging
  • High-quality tempered steel
  • Lifetime guarantee

Niwaki Moku Trowel Small

Hand forged trowel for the greenhouse, conservatory or light garden use – but not for digging in heavy or unbroken soils.


  • Small 28cm total, 12cm head

Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Hand Trowel, Multicolored

This Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Hand Trowel can be used for various jobs in and around your garden from planting bulbs, seedlings and bedding plants as well as general planting and transplanting.
Your Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Hand Trowel has been manufactured to the highest of standards, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.


  • Stainless steel Hand tool range
  • Ash handle with leather strap
  • Ideal for planting bulbs and bedding plants
  • Also ideal for planting and transplanting
  • 10 year guarantee

Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Collection 370L3KEW Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves, Blue – Large & Elements Hand Trowel

Spear & Jackson Elements Hand trowel for garden cultivating and Grow your Own has a hammer finish epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkaline in the soil. The weather proofed (clear lacquered) Ashwood handle for greater durability comes with a durable leather strap.


  • Ideal for general gardening tasks
  • Spear & Jackson quality garden tool
  • Hammer finish epoxy coated head
  • Improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil
  • Weather proofed clear lacquered Ashwood handle

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